Walking with Jesus Together : Small Groups

The leaders of Trinity International Church want you to grow in your knowledge and love of Jesus Christ. You can do that by reading, studying and obeying his Word.

We encourage you to join a Trinity Small Group, where you can study the Bible regularly with a group of people.

Please contact us about a Small Group near where you live.  email: office@trinitychurch.nl

Current Information: https://www.trinitychurch.nl/connect/small groups/                                                                                                  Further Resources: http://smallgroupsingodsword.blogspot.nl/

Walking with Jesus Daily: Quiet Times

You will need a Bible reading plan if you are to get to know Jesus and his Word. If you don’t plan it – you won’t do it!  In this section of our website, you will find links to websites that offer Bible reading plans. We encourage you to sign up for a Bible reading plan today and to follow it.  You will also find other helpful discipleship tools on these linked websites.  Be a disciplined disciple – read the Bible every day.

A Bible Reading Plan https://jointhebibleproject.com/reading-plan/
Further Resources: http://trinityquiettimes.blogspot.nl/