Iron sharpens iron

Men began to have weekly morning meeting in 2005 to study the Bible and encourage each other to apply Biblical principles to our day to day living.

Those who take courage to wake up early attend our morning meeting at 6 a.m. There has been a lot of prayer and discussion about adding a Men’s Bible Study at night so that more men can attend a Men’s Bible Study several years ago. Praise God that we have Tuesday nights from 7PM – 8:30PM since January 2010. Because that time coincides with the Middle School youth group meeting, Dads will be able to attend a Bible Study when dropping off their children at youth group. The 2 meetings are covering the same Scriptures at the same pace so as to provide continuity to men who need to switch to either of the 2 meetings due to schedule constraints.

Starting  22 November 2016 :  Book of Daniel








Please continue to pray that God’s hand will be in both the morning and evening Bible Study, that men will come and grow, that leaders will come forward to share the work and joy partaking in God’s harvest.

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1 Man have coffee in Baarle Nassau

As Deacon of Men’s Ministry, I encourage you to come to our Bible study group. This was my way of building good relationships in our church and share my life as a man of God. Share your talents, skills and calling, as iron sharpens iron. He placed you there because He knows that you are needed (1 Cor. 12:18). You are significant to your home church. The men of Your church need you! Marcel van der Velde 

For more information or sign up, please contact Marcel van der Velde